Tune in weekly as Monica shares her unfiltered, raw and real lessons on how having GRIT in business is a necessity.

Behind the grit podcast

A weekly podcast for entrepreneurs

Let me ask you; 

Are you looking to let go of EGO and build resourcefulness?

Are you interested in building and scale a brand and business in a digital world?

Are you craving to have a more meaningful business and want to remove that emptiness from doing work you are not passionate about?

Are you fearful to launch your idea, and afraid of making financial missteps or wonder if the investment you are making will move the needle?

Do you struggle with how to set yourself apart?

Are you wanting to truly earn your worth and unleash your authentic self without playing the comparison game or engaging with your own limiting beliefs?

If you answered yes, this podcast was made for you!


Launching December 1

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Mindset  Moments

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